Chp 13 Trustee's Office offers
13 Documents (Attorneys Only)

The Chapter 13 Trustee now has a quick and secure method for attorneys to send files to the Chapter 13 Trustee.

For Trustees:

13 Documents provides Trustees with an easy file transfer service. This service is based on public key encryption technology which ensures all data is safe and secure.

For Attorneys:

13 Documents allows attorneys to send documents to multiple Trustees from one site; history records with date/time stamps are recorded and API access to intgrate your case management software.

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Providing Tax Returns to Trustees

11 U.S.C §521(e)(2) requires debtors to provide to the trustee a Federal Tax Return.

1. The tax return (or transcript) should be for the most recent tax year ending immediately prior to the commencement of the case.

2. Federal Tax Return must be submitted not later than 7 days before the date first set for the §341 meeting.

3. Failure to comply with this requirement requires dismissal of the case, unless the debtor demonstrates that the failure to comply is due to circumstances beyond the debtor's control.

4. Submit in PDF format, via email to the trustee appointed in the debtor(s) case (trustees listed below). Please DO NOT send tax returns to trustees in paper format.

5. Subject line of e-mail should reflect “Tax Return,” 341 date (example 1/1/06) and
debtor(s) case number.

Chapter 7 Trustees

William C. Carn, III


Susan S. DePaola


Carly B. Wilkins




Chp 13 Standing Trustee

Sabrina L. McKinney


Trustees may NOT provide tax returns to other parties.

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