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Staff Attorney Position Announcement

Thursday, May 30, 2024

DEADLINE TO APPLY: July 30, 2024
Deadline May be Extended or
Position May be Filled Immediately

The Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the Middle District of Alabama is accepting applications from qualified individuals for full-time employment as staff attorney in the Trustee’s office. The staff attorney works under the direction of the Chapter 13 Trustee. The position requires regular appearance on behalf of the Trustee for formal hearings before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Alabama in Montgomery, Opelika, Dothan, and elsewhere as may be required.

1. Attends and conducts §341 first meetings of creditors.
2. Represents the Trustee at confirmation hearings and other legal proceedings.
3. Reviews petitions, pleadings, statements, applications, plans, motions, claims and other documents for legal sufficiency and initiates and/or recommends appropriate strategy to the Trustee.
4. Performs legal research and prepares briefs, responses, and legal memoranda for the Trustee.
5. Provides technical assistance and responds to inquiries of attorneys, debtors, creditors, court employees, and the public on matters involving chapter 13 cases.
6. The duties of the position are comprehensive and demanding.
The staff attorney must assist the Trustee in complying with all provisions of the United States Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Intra-district travel will be required; however, it is anticipated that overnight travel, other than for training purposes, will be infrequent.

1. Must not be related by affinity or consanguinity within the degree of first cousins to any Bankruptcy or District Court Judge, the Bankruptcy Administrator, any employee of the Bankruptcy Administrator, Office of the Clerk of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, United States District Court or Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee for the Middle District of Alabama. 2. Must possess a Juris Doctor.
3. Must be an attorney in good standing of each bar in which the applicant is a member and be a member in good standing of the Alabama State Bar.
4. Must be admitted to practice law in the Middle District of Alabama.
5. Must have superior analytical, research and writing skills and be proficient in computer assisted research.
6. Must be free of prejudices against any individual, entity, or group of individuals which would interfere with unbiased performance of the staff attorney’s duties in assisting the Trustee.
7. Must exhibit by demeanor, character and personality that the applicant would be able to competently assist the Trustee in performing and discharging her statutory duties.
8. Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.
9. Must be proficient with all Microsoft Office products, Adobe and Westlaw.
10. Proficiency with the Court Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system and PACER is highly desirable.
11. Bankruptcy experience is a plus.
12. Performance in a paperless environment a must.

Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or eligible to work in the U.S. Only well-suited and qualified applicants will be selected for personal interviews. Those selected for interviews should be prepared to provide a self-edited writing sample and professional references. The selection process will be confidential and competitive. The selected applicant will be required to undergo a background check and drug screening prior to employment. Trustee Office employees are “at will” employees subject to removal at any time.

The staff attorney’s annual salary and benefits are part of the Trustee’s annual operating budget, which is subject to review and approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the U.S. Bankruptcy Administrator. The starting salary will be competitive but dependent upon years of specialized experience and qualifications.

In addition to salary, benefits presently include, subject to applicable participation requirements:
• Participation in a health, dental and vision plan.
• Participation in a 401K retirement savings plan.
• Sick and annual leave accrual.
• Paid Federal holidays.

CONTACT: Submit resume, cover letter and three-year salary history to:
Chapter 13 Trustee
Middle District of Alabama
ATTN: Sabrina L. McKinney
P.O. Box 628
Montgomery, AL 36101-0628
Or via email to:

Equal Employment Opportunity
The Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office is committed to prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, disability including those related to pregnancy or childbirth and any other protected class as established by law. This Equal Employment Opportunity policy is designed to ensure equal treatment for all employees, including in hiring or any decision affecting job status or pay. All employees, including supervisors and managers, are responsible for adhering to this policy.