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Providing Tax Returns to Trustees

11 U.S.C §521(e)(2) requires debtors to provide to the trustee a Federal Tax Return.

1. The tax return (or transcript) should be for the most recent tax year ending immediately prior to the commencement of the case.

2. Federal Tax Return must be submitted not later than 7 days before the date first set for the §341 meeting.

3. Failure to comply with this requirement requires dismissal of the case, unless the debtor demonstrates that failure to comply is due to circumstances beyond the debtor's control.

4. Before submitting tax returns, you MUST redact social security numbers, dates of birth and children's names.

5. Submit in PDF format, via the trustee's document delivery portal, to the trustee appointed in the debtor(s) case. DO NOT send tax returns to trustees in paper format.

Chapter 7 cases:

Chapter 13 cases:

Debtors who are not represented by counsel must email a copy of their tax returns as follows:

Dothan Chapter 7 Cases 

William C. Carn, III

Montgomery Chapter 7 Cases  Carly B. Wilkins

Opelika Chapter 7 Cases assigned to Carly WIlkins

Carly B. Wilkins

Opelika Chapter 7 Cases assigned to Brian Walding  Brian Walding
ALL Chapter 13 Cases Sabrina L. McKinney